Today I think of memories
Of a brother that I love
Our bond can not be broken
As he’s in Heaven up above
I think of all the good times
And the laughter that we shared
The times we teased each other
And the times he truly cared
The times that he would make me cry
The times he held my hand
We could fight with one another
But for me, he’d take a stand
I think of what he’s doing now
As he’s in Heaven’s arms
He’s probably driving angels nuts
With his sassy ways and charms
Oh how I wish I had him back
To talk to him each day
If I could have just one sweet wish
He’d never go away
I know he’s in a better place
Away from pain or fear
Although I’d give most anything
Just to have my brother here
Hey brother if you’re listening
I’m here thinking of you
And please always watch over me
In everything I do
I love you and I miss your face
I miss your teasing ways
Hey Brother know that I’ll love you
In each of my life’s days🤍